Nail and String Art Tree

This piece of DIY decor is inspired by a wedding escort display highlighted on, which I noticed on Pinterest, of course. I was quite taken with the opportunity to create a large scale piece with texture and a feature color at minimal cost.

I loosely followed Green Wedding Shoe’s DIY String Heart instructions:

  • Fetched a piece of plywood from the basement and stained it
  • Drew a tree on paper, cut it out and taped it to the wood
  • Hammered nails along the outline of the tree
  • Strung teal colored string around the nails in no particular pattern

Hammering the nails became a several-day project, to allow my hand to recover in between hammering sessions. Easily the worst part of this project – everything else was easy.

Total Cost: $15 (for stain, 2 boxes of nails and a ball of string)

This baby now has a prominent home above my mantel. And… a newly discovered bonus role as a Christmas Card holder!



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