Twine-Wrapped Initial Letters

Wrapping those standard cardboard initial letters with string or twine is a great way to spruce them up while adding texture. We couldn’t hang anything up at our wedding reception, so I painted extra original doors from my century home and placed them behind the bar. With the addition of a homemade ribbon garland (I tied strips of ribbon to a length of twine), poms and our initials, the doors transformed a simple bar top into a welcoming locale.


Photo courtesy of Wilmack Photo.

I followed this Yarn Covered Monogram Letter tutorial fairly closely, except instead of yarn , I used twine sourced from Home Depot.

Challenge: Because of the twine’s thickness and the shape of the letters, a different wrapping strategy was needed for each letter to prevent massive unevenness.

Solution: For the flat ends of the letters, I cut small strips of twine until I had enough to tape over the ends of the letter. Then I followed the tutorial wrapping instructions. My method left small gaps at the corners, but because the base letter and the twine were the same color, they weren’t noticeable.

Total Cost: $15


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